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Former foreign secretary urges UK ministers to stage Brexit mutiny

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导读:   Former British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson Monday called on Prime Minister Theresa May's senior ministers to s

   Former British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson Monday called on Prime Minister Theresa May's senior ministers to stage a mutiny and reject her proposals for Britain's departure from the European Union (EU).

  Writing in the Daily Telegraph newspaper, Johnson claimed May's Brexit plan will effectively mean Britain remains as "captives" of the EU.

  He said her plan would result in Britain's trade policy being run by Brussels at least until 2022, warning it could be long beyond that date.

  His attack comes just days after his younger brother Jo Johnson quit as a government minister in protest against May's handling of the Brexit process. Recent media reports in London have speculated that more of May's ministers are contemplating resigning.

  The next few weeks are critical in the Brexit process if a future relationship deal is to be signed off before Britain leaves the bloc next March.

  The Telegraph said May's ministers have been called to a cabinet meeting scheduled on Tuesday at 10 Downing Street, but a final decision on her Brexit plans is now likely to be delayed while negotiations with Brussels continue.

  It leaves May struggling to secure a November summit with European leaders to sign off the Brexit plans, increasing the risk that Britain will leave without a deal, the Telegraph commented.

  Eurosceptic Boris Johnson wrote in his latest article: "I really can't believe it, but this government seems to be on the verge of total surrender."

  Johnson added: "We have agreed to become the punk of Brussels, signing up not just to their existing rulebook but to huge chunks of future regulation -- even though we will have no say in drafting that legislation. We have agreed against all promises that the European Court of Justice will have a say in the enforcement of that regulation in the UK."

  Johnson said: "The government has deliberately and flagrantly failed to prepare the UK to walk away from the talks, the better to be able to bludgeon MPs into voting for surrender."

  Rival London newspaper, the Guardian, reported Monday that May's Brexit plan is under siege from across her Conservative party as she attempts to overcome the final sticking points with Brussels in time to push it through a critical meeting of her cabinet ministers.

  "As time runs out, leading Brexiters have told the prime minister they remain deeply opposed to her version of an exit mechanism that would prevent the UK unilaterally quitting a temporary customs arrangement if Brexit talks collapse," the newspaper added.

  The Guardian added that May is also facing a growing rebellion from the remaining wing of her party with rumors that four more pro-Europe ministers are on the brink of resigning from her government.

  Johnson and Brexit Secretary David Davis resigned in July within days of a meeting of the Cabinet at May's country retreat, Chequers, when the prime minister's preferred Brexit deal was agreed upon.



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